Get the Best Options for the Best Houston Energy Rates

Even in the most affected areas, it is possible not to air condition. Here are some solutions that will allow you to spend a cold summer, even in areas where the summer is hot, using little electricity. For the Best Houston Energy Rates this is important.

  • By programming the ventilation so that it evolves in the morning and makes accumulate “cold” at home.
  • By closing the shutters of the bays most exposed to the south, the regulations take into account a 50% closing for the calculations of the interior comfort temperature, the Tic
  • By treating the most exposed glazing, low emissivity solar films
  • By putting sun caps on the most exposed berries
  • By installing reinforced insulation, ideally from the outside
  • By opening the windows at night to cool down deeply, the walls of the house
  • By air conditioning with a Canadian well

Air conditioning must not rhyme with condensation

Best Houston Energy Rates

Indeed, when the air is at 25 ° C, if the air conditioning circulates air at 20 ° C there will be the appearance of condensation on the ground. The difference between the air temperature and the ground level should not exceed a few degrees and therefore the cooling will belong to set up and ineffective. There are many solutions to avoid air conditioning in your home while keeping a bearable temperature throughout the year. However, energy-efficient or even renewable solutions exist when necessary.

Choice of energy supplier and offers

Since 2007, the electricity market has been open to competition, which mechanically lowers prices. It is thus possible to obtain proposals of up to 15% discount on the tariff regulated by the State. The savings are therefore significant and the change remains easy since it involves no costs or cuts. To compare several offers, you can use a free and non-binding comparator. Some energy suppliers offer offers for their new customers and promise attractive prices. You can inquire directly with them:

Saving electricity is easy

By changing our behavior and for a limited investment, it is entirely possible to significantly reduce our electricity consumption. For even more savings, here are our practical tips to lower your heating bill and significantly reduce your water bill.

Energy bills can quickly weigh heavily on families’ budgets. And you don’t have to live in an energy colander to pay for it. Because if heating represents 27.6% of household electrical uses, the remaining 72.4% goes into the supply of all the other appliances and lights in the house, according to the Environment and Energy Management Agency.

Home appliances in the viewfinder

Between the cooking and washing equipment and all the small appliances going from the vacuum cleaner to the coffee maker, all of the household appliances in home alone concentrates some 38.4% of the electrical use.

When replacing a defective device, the first reflex must, therefore, be to invest in more efficient models. Opting for induction hobs, for example, saves electricity by around 25% compared to conventional hobs, while an oven combined with a microwave reduces consumption by 66 to 75% electric. We can also check the energy label of products to favor the best classified. The models marked “A +++” thus consume 20 to 50% less energy than those classified “A +”. If their purchase price is higher, the consumer can find their way quickly on their monthly bill.