Get the best uae residence visa for Your Stay

In the United Arab Emirates and therefore also in Dubai paid with the dirham (AED). At the time of our stay, we were able to divide all amounts by four. For 10 dirhams we paid 2.5 dollars. You can go to the uae residence visa there.

Sleeping in Dubai

If you want to sleep in a nice hotel in Dubai you will have to put down quite a bit. We chose to book a room through Airbnb. A room in the house with an Indian family, for this we paid an amount of $ 121.50 for 3 nights including the use of the WiFi connection 50 Dirham. At the beginning of the night, we arrived at the room and were warmly welcomed by the Indian family.

uae residence visa

We slept just outside of Dubai, in the state of Sharjah. Although we walked to Dubai on the other side of the road in a few minutes, it took us at least an hour and a half every day to get to downtown Dubai. It’s a waste of time when you only have two days to spend in Dubai.

In retrospect, we are not entirely happy with the choice for our overnight stays. The room was basic but fine. However, we shared the bathroom with the family and it was anything but clean. Cockroaches, a foul odor, etc. If we were to redo it, we would still choose a hotel in Dubai and therefore pay a little more. You will find a double room in Dubai in different price ranges. However, you should quickly count on at least 50 dollars per night.

Money Dubai: Search Dubai travel deals

It can save a lot of money if you choose to book your complete trip to Dubai with a travel provider. For example, the holiday discounter has many travel deals to Dubai. You can already book a flight and stay for four days from $ 414 per person. Prefer an all-inclusive holiday to Dubai? You can book this from $ 617 per person. Compare here the offer of all-inclusive holidays to Dubai.

Eating and drinking in Dubai

In terms of eating drinking in Dubai, the costs were better than expected. We ate at the McDonalds nice and easy, Five Guys in the Dubai Mall overlooking the Burj Khalifa and in the food court in the Dubai Mall. Food Courts are an excellent place to eat out for little in Dubai and the choice is huge. We both opted for a delicious Thai meal, but you can also choose Mexican, Indian, Japanese or Chinese and more. In total, we spent an amount of $ 107.13 for food and drinks in Dubai. This amounts to $ 42.85 per day for two people.

Money Dubai: How expensive is the public transportation in Dubai

Since we did not sleep in Dubai, we relied heavily on public transport. Fortunately, this does not have to cost much in Dubai. Public transport is well organized and taxis are also affordable due to the low petrol prices. If you want to travel by public transport in Dubai, it is best to purchase an NOL card. You can purchase this at the airport or at the metro and bus stations. For an NOL card, you pay an amount of 6 Dirham. On this card, you can then add a credit with which you can travel.