Tips on the Selection and Installation of Video Security

This section contains tips on the correct selection, installation of video surveillance systems. The fact is that many start this process from scratch; therefore, quite naturally, they do not have the proper knowledge in this matter. Despite the fact that the general requirements for video monitoring systems, in principle, do not differ greatly depending on the category of the object, some differences still exist in กล้องวงจรปิด ราคา .

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Tips for choosing and installing CCTV

  1. This mainly relates to the composition of the equipment and its technical characteristics. The rules for installing cameras, installing connecting lines, organizing food, etc., remain unchanged.
  2. In addition, the installation of IP video surveillance, in contrast to analog systems, also has its own characteristics; you should not ignore advice on its implementation.
  3. So, you should initially decide on the type of video surveillance. There are two main options: IP (network) and analog video surveillance. The first is more suitable for large objects that require the use of various kinds of video analytics. Analog equipment is most often used for home, apartment or cottage.
  4. However, it should be noted that IP equipment is most suitable for providing remote access via the Internet or building wireless systems.

In any case, the next step is to choose:

  • Security cameras,
  • Video recorder.

Under these links are the basic recommendations, following which you can choose the equipment that best meets the requirements, determined by the goals and objectives of your system. Accurate and competent wording for each case will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs of paying for the excess functionality of the equipment.

Such “trifles” as the choice of the video signal transmission method remain. Here you can select the following options:

  • Wireless,
  • Twisted pair
  • Over coax cable
  • Or fibre.

The latter is used in digital video surveillance systems for transmitting large data streams over long distances and is not interesting to the mass user, mainly because of its high cost. The rest are widely used and can be recommended for various categories of objects.

Another useful advice is, you should not immediately unconditionally follow the first recommendations of your friends, acquaintances, and information from the Internet. Look at the different offers. A specific example is if you need high-definition video surveillance, then it is advised you to immediately choose an IP system.

Recently, other technologies are actively developing. You can pay attention to AHD video surveillance. Excellent quality, increased ranges of transmission over coaxial cable, at the same time no tuning problems inherent in network monitoring. That is the simplicity inherent in the analog and the quality, commensurate with IP. So, as the well-known film character said, there is no need to hurry.

What problems do you want to overcome with the help of video surveillance? Can analyst VMS video management systems help you with this?

Effective VMS software occupies an important place in the video surveillance system, since, on average, the amount of time during which a person can focus on video surveillance is only 20 minutes. VMS video management system or integrated video analytics can warn you about suspicious activities and improve your business opportunities.