The Anime Genre in the TV: Catch It

In China’s animation, there are more animations based on traditional stories, while there are few animations based on teenagers, and even less popular. The cartoon market positioning cannot focus on children. Otherwise, the audience will become narrower and even lose its foothold. Animation needs to attract older teenagers to watch and love it from the perspective of subject matter and culture.

“Slam Dunk” can be loved by teenagers, and it is inseparable from the youth story it displays, and “A Thousand Spirits” also tells the story of the teenager. The animation tells the story of the main character consistent with the identity of the audience, which can attract the audience to the animation to a greater extent. If you want to watch Anime TV series now, then is the best place to go to.

Fun with Anime

People found fun and happiness through anime, found childlike innocence, and released pressure. Then the theme hidden in the storyline will be discovered by the audience. Therefore, anime works need to pay attention to their entertainment functions, and entertaining anime can affect its audience subtly.

The shape of the space embodying the designer’s efforts gives an immersive realism, and it cannot be underestimated in animated films. Attaching importance to the creation of a sense of space in animated films, space modeling has become the main means of externalizing the inner scene of the character and has played an important role in expressing the theme of the film and satisfying the audience’s audiovisual experience.

Design standards

The design of the space model should be based on the style of the entire animated film to arrange the lens transition of the space scene, for example, indoor or outdoor, rural or urban. Therefore, the spatial shape seems to be independent, but in fact, it is not, its independence is only relatively independent. In fact, many factors need to be considered during the design process. Only by coordinating all aspects of the space design can the designer have the greatest influence on the space shape. The design of the space shape should convey the aesthetic experience of the audience. Whether in terms of visual perception or the function of the space shape, the aesthetic expression of the space shape is the material basis for its long-term existence.

The function of space modeling design

The function of space modeling design in animated films is that the space modeling design has visual aesthetic expression. The innovation of animation film technology, the transition of animation from 2D to 3D, the animation industry has ushered in a new era of transformation and innovation. The use of 3D technology in animated movies has greatly enhanced the three-dimensional sense of spatial modeling in animated movies. The innovation of the technical means in the animation film has brought about a revolution in the animation film industry, making the animation film have made great progress both in the color expression of the picture, the authenticity of the character image, and the three-dimensional sense of space.

The enhancement of the three-dimensional sense of space and the sense of hierarchy in space modeling brings a different visual experience to the audience. Audiences in the strange and strange fantasy world are enjoying the visual aesthetic feast brought by the space modeling. For example, the use of magnificent space scenes in “Mulan” gives people an empty and open visual experience, which is consistent with the storyline of the film showing Mulan’s battle on the battlefield.