Powder Room is also known as Half Bathroom

Every house consists of bathrooms. Without bathrooms, it cannot be considered as a house. Nowadays people give more importance to their bathrooms also when they build a new one or when they take a step to remodel it. Anyways there are plenty of bathroom types you can choose any of them. Among so many styles of bathrooms, American mostly prefers half bathrooms. You may think what is a half bath ? This is the article which helps you to know about half the bathroom and its appearances. Yes, after reading this article you would think to change your bathrooms into a half bath because it has compact factors in it which make people love it a lot. Come on! Let us see about half bathrooms.

what is a half bath

Definition of Half Bathroom:

Many people would say the definition of half bath just as it consists of a toilet and also a sink but it would not have any bathing facilities. What is this man? Without a bathing facility, how could you call a bathing place as a bathroom? It is confusing, right? I am here to clear you. People would forget to mention the third part of the half bath. It is considered to be a third-quarter place which can be used as bathrooms. You can see a shower but it is rare to see a tub here. But some people who wish to keep, they are using tubs also in this half bath. If there is no bathtub then where could they place such a thing? In a whole house, there are almost five bathrooms, so one may be a full bathroom where you see a bathtub and two are three-quarter type and the other two may be half baths.

You should clearly understand that if a house has one and a half bathrooms, then it is considered to be a full bathroom which normally has a sink, toilet, shower, and a bathtub. When it comes to a half bathroom, then it would be just a toilet and a sink. I would tell you that this half bathroom is used as a general one that is common. If the house has two floors, this half bath would be on the down floor. The guest who is coming to the house can use it. This half bathroom is sometimes called as powder room because women who want to adjust their makeup can use this bathroom.

Style of Americans:

A normal bathroom style of American would be, a full bathroom consists of a bathtub, and also a shower, sink and toilet and the third forth of a bathroom is all about just a sink, shower, and a toilet and third type are that half bath which normally consists of a sink and a toilet and the last one is called as one-fourth bath which has only toilet facility. If you have more space in the bathroom then you can add a hot tub or a spa which is completely based on your interest.

As I said there are varieties of bathroom styles and it is up to you to select one among those. According to space and your wish, you can make it up.