Opaque or Colored Contacts Lenses for Dark Eyes

Opaque Contacts Lenses

Do you wear specs or just want to own these contact lenses to look attractive? Need not to worry, just read this article to know more about the contacts lenses that had become a daily accessory of few people who had already specs and find it hassle-free to carry anywhere as they are lightweight, easy to insert and remove and available in different colors to choose according to the wish of the wearer. It’s always a question mark for dark eyes people which colored contacts will suit them? Good News for all the customers! Access the colored contacts at the best price to meet your needs.

cheap colored contacts

Earlier the contacts were available in Opaque color but due to increase in their usage and upon demand of customers today they are available from cheap colored contacts lenses to costlier ones in the form of single-color and blended color tints. The only way to check which suits them is to try both of them. For example, if you go for a Freshlook Colors, they are a single color lens, while Freshlook Colorblends you will get a combination of three different colors. The contact lenses that are used for dark eyes are called opaque because the pigment used in the lens covers the major portion of the eye that is natural. These lenses are no different in appearance than a doughnut that is colored around the rim and a clear at the iris. To make the eye look distinctive some opaque lenses feature a dark limbal ring that outlines well the colored portion of the lens.

Opaque or Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes:

  1. Natural or Dramatic Color Lenses for Dark Eyes: Opaque lenses can be availed in single to blended color tints. The only way to decide which type works best for you is to try both. For example, Freshlook Colors is a single color lens, while Freshlook Colorblends combines three different colors. The idea behind a blended tint is that it mimics the natural color that varies in the iris.
  2. Clearly Colors Aquatic Allure Opaque Lenses for Dark Eyes: Clearly Colors are best to avail that are super bright and available in different shades that are vivid and intense. Have loads of fun while going for parties, clubbing, and cosplay. The other kind of bright lenses is Freshlook Colorblends group that are vibrant and vivid in three possible shades namely: Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, and Gemstone Green.
  3. Other Colored Opaque Lenses for Dark Eyes: In a slew of lenses one can find the Circle lenses that are designed to look like a mimic anime characters such as Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Video. The downside of these Circle Lenses, resemble Barbie lenses, and others are not legally approved for sale due to quality and health guidelines issues.


Always go for a true brand that is most populous and fits true to your budget rather than going for a new one that is not safe for your eyes if not meets the quality standards and can cause an injury to your eyes or damage your eyesight. Wear the colored contacts to rock the party with lots of fun and excitement that compliments your costume in every aspect.