Nursing Home Abuse Crime And Its Effects On Society

Nursing home abuse is raised in this modern world. It is happening by disrespecting elder staff and posting inappropriate photos on social media. Social media is playing a vital role in this abuse. A nursing home should treat every nurse with dignity. But this right is often getting violated in everywhere. Some people are staying at the nursing home for their convenience.  But it is taken as a chance by others to abuse them. This is called elder abuse attorney Many different forms of nursing home abused are there. That are sexual abuse,  verbal abuse, and physical abuse. Most of the abuses are happening in isolated nursing home residents. Many are getting abuse, unknowingly having contact with unknown persons. Elders’ mistreatment is happening because of their share of private photos of nursing home residents.  In 2015, 35 different cases are reported by posting explicit private photos of their nursing home. In Pennsylvania 30 crimes are reported at the licensed nursing home. They just shared private nude photos with their former co-workers. Several nursing home workers are posting their dehumanized photos and videos. These incidents are the main reason for nursing home abuse. Be aware of such things and also you should be very alert if any abuses are taking place around your country.

Reason For The Nursing Home Abuse

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The quality of caring at a nursing home is a big issue for the abuses.  Most of the nursing homes are not providing much care to the workers. Nursing home staff are not following the standard procedures for care and treatment. There many reasons for nursing home abuse. Physically challenged patients are also targets of abuse. Nursing home with staff is a high risk of abuse. Mentally or physically impaired patients may stay at a nursing home. They may not able to speak or express their feelings so that they are highly abused by others. Most of the nursing homes are lack in resources 9and professional management.  The lack of care also leads to abuse. If the shortage of nursing homes is also one of the reasons for abuse.  Lack of staff training, individual caregiver, individual resident risk factors, poor supervision, are the various reason for nursing home abuse. Every state has this nursing home abuse issue. Abuse and neglect are part of daily life in a nursing home in many countries. Abuse is occurring in the form of physical. Psychological,  sexual, financial, or in the form of neglect. The risk factor abuse is old age cognitive decline, mentally and physically affected, are all dependent on help and caring for others. Depression and alcohol consumption is the reason for cognitive decline. Physical abuse may occur with intention or no intention,  but it may cause physical pain and injury to others. Detecting abuse is very problematic because everyone is ignored to reveal. Everyone should know how to protect themselves from abuse. Training or prevention programmes must be given to staff for this. Nursing home staff should be very bold to oppose harassment activities.  They should come forward to give some authentic information to safeguard others. Physical abuse is happening through forceful activities.  It may result in death in some times. It might happen by giving drugs to involve physical abuse.