Finer Options for the Use of the Metal Signs

At first glance, it could be a new artistic trend. Well to consider it art, although advertising, it is not wrong. We are talking about the “hyper-realistic” billboard. Also, in this case, there are several techniques that are combined to give such a real effect of the product that it will certainly not go unnoticed and even less forgotten. The use of metal signs is highly useful there.

Goal widely achieved

metal signs

With signs like this, you don’t need to have 100. You just need one placed in a strategic position and the result is guaranteed. Not only in terms of advertising return but also and perhaps above all in terms of brand awareness.

  • Two examples: In the first case it is the Laredo Taco company who wants to push his Taco for breakfast. And what distinguishes each Taco from every other sandwich? The aluminum foil. So even from hundreds of meters away we immediately understand what we are talking about. Ingenious.
  • In the second case, we see a brand that can communicate with us: Mini (BMW). The car goes fast. As fast as the wind. As fast to move the palms as a full-blown tornado would.
  • We are in Miami and here they know about tornadoes and speed. What do you say the message comes? Loud and clear we would say. Indeed strong.

The bright billboard (but well done)

The fifth category is of a particular type: the bright advertising billboard. You will have seen thousands of signs of this type. But like this one from McDonald’s we are convinced that you haven’t seen so many.

Or at least you have never seen such bright fries. They deserve to be eaten only for the originality of the message whether you are healthy or not. Honor to the winners in this case.

The anti billboard: or the opposite wow effect

And then there is him, the wrong billboard. As punctual as a Swiss watch, every Italian election returns, always the same. So unlikely, so ugly, so unthinkable that it exists. This is a paradox and an excess of ugliness, the sublime side of the trash. We choose one but it could have been 100. And maybe one day we will publish a ranking entirely dedicated to them: the worst billboards in history.

  • We come to ours. To go to press with this you certainly need courage. Indeed, as Giacinto Marra would say, pxxxe is needed. He had them. Maybe he didn’t have the grades he hoped for though.
  • With the advent of the Internet and web marketing, the advertising world has been oriented on channels other than traditional ones. Yet, the billboard has been able to resist this innovation as well, proving to be still an efficient means to entrust its promotional message. All you need to do is to take small steps to prevent this classic form of communication from being ignored: let’s see how.

One goal: not to be ignored

The fact that the billboard has had a long course between the forms of advertising has a negative effect: it can be ignored. This happens because we are accustomed in an almost addicted way to the presence of these billboards as well as the banners, in our cities, which is why, if the advertising message shown is not packaged well in all its aspects, it will end up being relegated to only one of the many forms of “furniture” in the city.