Easy Options for the Water Damage Clean Up

In the box, check the water level and check after one hour if it has lowered. If it has lowered, it is because there is a leak in the pipes or in the toilets fed by the water tank. These are the things that you can know about water damage clean up now.

Pool Test

Fill a bucket with pool water until you reach 5 cm from the rim of the container. Its water should be kept at normal level. Check the water level of the bucket and the pool, and secure the bucket inside without the liquid mixing or the temperature is different. After 24 hours, examine the water levels and compare the initial markings. If the pool has greater variation in height, there is probably leakage.

water damage clean up

Leakage test in toilets

There are two types of tests: one for box-attached bowls and one for flush-valve bowls. In the case of the box attached, you should put a dye in the box water. It may even be soda powder, for example. If after a while it is found that the dye is flowing through the basin walls, it is a sign of leakage. In the case of a bowl with a discharge valve, the dye should be placed in the siphon water. If the water becomes clear, this is your indication of leakage.

Wall Pipe Conference

This test is quite simple. It is done by tapping the walls through which the plumbing passes. If the sound is different somewhere whether it is coated with paste or tile, it is important to find out more about the possibility of a problem.

Ways to solve potential problems

Once leak situations are identified, it is essential to think of solutions and corrections. Equally, it is important to know who is responsible for taking care of these disorders.

In the vertical net

The vertical network is the main conduit of water and sewage between the street and the floors of a building. Responsibility and general use of the vertical network rest with the condominium. Therefore, in case of leaks, it is the condominium that bears the cost of works in the apartments, including damage and damage caused by infiltration.

In the horizontal network

The network that connects the main column to the condominium unit through the pipes is the horizontal network. The use in this case is particular. Therefore, in case of leaks, the responsibility for repair and repairs is the owner of the apartment.

On the bathroom ceiling

Irregularities in internal pipelines may occur due to deterioration of plumbing, and this may affect neighboring apartments. If the leak in the bathroom ceiling happens due to problems in the horizontal network, the top apartment is responsible. Therefore, the owner of this is who should bear the repair expenses.

Common repairs to prevent leaks

Some procedures may be performed by the building janitor or by a maintenance assistant. Important measures are worth taking, especially in the case of buildings with non-individualized consumption. Examples of procedures include: replacing the faucet seal body, reducing and correctly adjusting the discharge volume, repairing any leaks in the hydraulic piping.

Deciding who is responsible for repairs when the issue is leaking between the apartments can lead to some conflicts. It is therefore essential that the liquidator tries to mediate them.