Wisest Options for the Best Car Now

Choosing a car, whether new or used, is not an easy task, especially if you are not an automobile expert. Do you recognize yourself in this profile? With these 20 tips, you will become an ace in this area and you will easily find the model that suits you. With the fiat 500x this is important now.

Choose The Right Format

You might think that at the same price, you might as well have the biggest car possible? The best equipped, the prettiest and the most massive? This reasoning is bad but as you can see, it is very widespread, you just have to leave your home to observe the number of SUVs where there is only one driver on board.

If you should not opt ​​for a car that is too small, you should know that a couple with children can be entirely satisfied with a compact or a station wagon. Too often seen as a compulsory passage, the minivan is not essential.

Remember that the larger the car, the more it will consume. And the rest will inevitably follow: large rims that will force you to sell stepmother’s pottery to finance the tires and other costs that will accumulate.

Do Not Upgrade

fiat 500x

When buying a car, it can be tempting to choose the format above. For example, you are looking for a Clio but you realize that for an additional € 1,400, you can have a Megane. On paper, this seems like the right plan.

But not only will you spend € 1,400 more, which comes down to the price of fifteen mid-range mid-range meals at Alain Ducasse or worse, the price of a used city car. But the costs do not stop there, a larger template generates a slightly higher consumption. Insurance is also a bit higher. Maintenance is also a bit higher.

When added together, these strands form a significant additional cost. Stay reasonable, fix yourself on a template and do not upgrade yourself without reason.

A Suitable Fuel

Then comes the problem of fuel. Thereupon, we must first move beyond prejudice. Diesel, for example, consumes less than petrol, but it is not suitable for urban journeys and low annual mileage, where it becomes dirty and generates large costs.

The gasoline hybrid is a good, reliable alternative that is well suited to small and medium-sized wheelers. Gasoline is also a good compromise, especially for those who do not use their car all the time. And then the sound is still nicer than a Diesel, right?

Electric is certainly the most economical, we saw it when testing the Nissan Leaf. But not (yet) suitable for long journeys.

To summarize

  • Do you drive a little in town? Choose a petrol engine. If your budget allows, a gasoline hybrid or an electric is possible.
  • Do you drive a lot and no city? Diesel remains advantageous. But LPG (which no longer risks exposing) can also be chosen.

You need to be specific on this part and that is the reason you can come up with the best choices in that role. The right car can truly make all work perfect for you.