Web Hosting: The things you should know before click

When you build your site, all your content, pages, site structure should be stored somewhere. The sites are stored on servers. In fact, when you browse the web and click on a link in a site, you make a request to the browser (Google Chrome for example) to find the content stored on a server and display it on your screen. Local Hosting refers to the local computer on which a program is running.

Web Hosting: In order to publish your site online, you need web hosting. This allows you to store all the pages of your website and make them accessible to computers connected to the internet.

هاست ویندوز

When you opt for local hosting, in fact, you have the server on your computer. Through this article, we want to compare two methods: either build a site in local or web hosting. There are advantages and disadvantages to هاست ویندوز in both cases.

Build your website on web hosting.

When building your site on a web hosting, you need to buy a space on an online server on which your site will be stored. These spaces are the property of companies. So you buy space at one of these companies that offer this service, and you have to renew it every year in most cases. Most companies that offer this service currently, allow you to directly activate a content management system like WordPress in the process of buying storage space. And if you encounter difficulties, you can always contact the support service. Moreover, as the site is online, you have the opportunity to work on several on the same site.

Build your site in local accommodation

To build a site in local hosting, which means that your site will be stored on your computer, you must download a server (MAMP for Mac and WAMP for Windows). Then you need to download WordPress and link it to your server and database. Thus, you will be able to build your site without putting it online. However, when you complete your site, you must transfer it to an online server (using another Filezilla program). Also, because your site is on your computer beforehand, no one else can access it.


  • You can work on the site at several
  • Web servers are automatically linked to your WordPress
  • You can contact support
  • You have to pay the server to start building your site.
  • You only buy the host if you are satisfied with the result
  • Ability to better understand the environment of the web as you do yourself all the links between the different elements that constitute a site.
  • Long process of downloading programs.
  • In case of trouble you have to find the source of the problem

If you have your content and a clear idea about the structure of your site, we recommend that you directly take a web hosting. Nevertheless, if you are still looking for ideas for structure and content, we recommend starting with local hosting. Thus, you can optimize your site as you wish and publish it only when you are satisfied. We recommend that you start directly on a web server and then hide the site under construction with an extension.