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Have you noticed any vermin in your home or business premises? Have you noticed a foul odor? Have you discovered traces of damage? Do you hear strange noises in the attic, the basement or in the cavity wall? Pests can occur anywhere even in your home or business premises. You can click here do to have a complete setups for pest control.

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Expert Pest Management is happy to give you a few tips to prevent pest nuisance:

  • Pest Control Van seal holes, cracks, seams and cracks in the house with, for example, insulating foam or cement. If required, you can place weather strips.
  • Hygiene is important in preventing pests. Keep your home or business premises clean.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes. Place dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery in the dishwasher or rinse immediately and wash immediately.
  • Don’t leave food behind
  • Deposit your waste in a closed bucket or container. Check if it is properly closed.
  • Store food in closed storage boxes or storage jars.
  • Do not leave paper, cardboard, textile or paper baby diapers lying around. These materials are ideal for a rat or mouse to make a nest out of.

In summary, in the first place you can ensure that vermin cannot easily enter your home. Secondly, you must ensure that there is no food residue or food within the reach of the vermin in your home or business premises. If you still suffer from vermin, then that is of course not always an indication that your hygiene has been insufficient. There may be other reasons for this. However, it is a fact that a clean environment is simply less attractive for a pest. Pest Control is aimed at preventing pests.

Number of unpleasant consequences of a mouse plague

Mice leave urine everywhere to mark their territory or to leave a scent trail for other mice. The urine of a mouse spreads an unpleasant odor of ammonia and musk and can spread various diseases such as the Hanta virus. Mice contaminate food. It is best to immediately throw away eaten food. The excrement of a mouse can spread Salmonella or Weil’s disease. Mice cause rodent damage. The teeth of a mouse are constantly growing. This will cause the mouse to gnaw its teeth on plastic, wood and cables. In particular, rodent damage to electrical cables is a danger in connection with a possible short circuit or even fire. Do you suffer from a mouse plague? Then use mouse control in your area.

Tips for blocking and preventing mice

Seal cracks, holes and grilles with mouse-resistant sealant or fine iron mesh think of the drain under the sink and the pipes in the meter cupboard.

  • Store food in sealed containers or pots
  • Ensure a properly sealed waste bin
  • Clean cupboards with traces and the floor regularly
  • Clean well behind refrigerators and under stoves
  • Put mouse traps with peanut butter as bait
  • Place cotton wool soaked in mint oil in strategic places
  • Take a cat or guinea pig, the smell of these animals scares mice.

Do you suffer from a rat plague or cockroach plague? Report it via the online form. The municipality investigates whether the cause is on municipal land or on your own land.

Report pests online

The municipality looks at the cause as quickly as possible. Is the cause with you? Then you will receive advice, for example to engage a control company. You must pay for the control yourself.