Greater Options in the Case of the Academic Texts

If it is an academic text, does it contain an abstract, background, method part, results, discussion and reference list? If relevant: Is the material current? Is there any later material that disproves the results? Is the content relevant to your topic? The use of homeworkmarket reviews comes perfectly now.

Note your sources

Keeping track of their sources is very important when writing an essay. Always keep accurate notes on what you read. If you want, you can also use reference management software to keep track of your sources. You can read more about this on the library’s website.

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Content before language

If you are not an incredibly used writer, it may be good to think about the content first. So the important thing is to get what you want to say. Correcting the language can wait until later. If you are going to submit a draft to your supervisor, it is good to point out in such cases that you are working that way.

Prepare tutorial meetings

Your institution will assign you a supervisor that you meet a few times during the thesis. It is important that you prepare yourself for the supervisor meetings so that you get answers to the questions you have.

Can’t see the movie? The information can also be read in the text below

An essay consists of many different sections. Nevertheless, the text should be a whole, with a clear red thread. The red thread is created by your research question and how each section relates to it. Note The different sections may have different headings and the order may sometimes differ between the institutions. This description is therefore very widely held.

Here you tell why the research question is important. In the introduction, you should, therefore, tell why your topic is important and provide information that helps the reader to understand your topic and your research. Sometimes the introduction is described as a funnel, because it starts in something quite large (for example, a social problem) and then narrows down to dealing with this particular study, as in this example:

Pupils’ writing ability is a recurring topic of discussion in upper secondary schools in Sweden. Students who come to high school with a lack of writing ability have difficulty coping with their studies. This becomes a problem for students, teachers and the school as a whole.

Sometimes it is the news that makes a subject interesting. Then the essay can start, for example, like this:

In the fall of 2020, there was a lively debate in the media about the writing ability of Swedish high school students.


The choice of topic should not be justified by the fact that you are interested, think it is fun or something else private. So this is not a good introduction:

We learned to read and write as a five-year-old. For that reason, we have always been extra interested in reading and writing skills. Another danger is that the introduction begins just too far from the subject itself, as in this example:

  • The written language was invented sometime between 3,400 and 3,200 before our time count.