Experience the Escape Room Feeling In Your Own Living Room

In an escape room, you have to run away from a location together. You have to find out for hints and solve various riddles to get closer and closer to the liberating exit. The riddles are very diverse, from word puzzles to creative cutting and pasting. Meanwhile, time continues. You can choose the best escape room singapore .

This is a game concept that, just like the “real” escape rooms, creates nerve-racking tension. You are all feverishly searching, thinking and discussing together. The fantastic feeling you get when a solution turns out to be correct is beyond words. The exit is intended for anyone who likes to work their brains and likes to puzzle. The different levels of difficulty ensure that you can enter at a lower or higher level. Pay attention to the level indications.

What Is An Escape Room?

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Escape rooms have become very popular in a short time. Escape rooms are activities where you are locked up in a “room”. The intention is that you escape from this within a certain time (“escape”). You have to do this by solving a lot of riddles and puzzles. Step by step, clues are found and won, so that you eventually find the solution to escape.

You are part of the crew of a passenger plane. Suddenly you are in the middle of a storm. Water gets into the plane and the systems start to fail. Do you know how to repair the plane and land it safely? Little time is left.

The year is 1872. You are a team of detectives who are on a steamboat on their way to solve a case there. But then a robbery takes place during the voyage, which immediately puts your skills to the test. Are you ready to clear up the theft?

The Decoding Disk

Each Exit has its own unique story, with the decoding disk being found first. This one is going to help you escape. With this decoder disc you have to turn the codes or answers that you find when solving riddles or puzzles. If the code is correct, the decoder disk will help you escape further.

Puzzle, Solution and Help Cards

Each edition of Exit contains around 85 cards. There are 3 different types of cards: puzzle cards, solution cards and auxiliary cards. Puzzle cards are the cards on which the puzzle or puzzle is located. There is a letter on the back of these cards. This way you know which puzzle card to take.

Solution cards are the cards you can take when you have solved a riddle or puzzle. When you run code with the decoder disc, a number will appear that you can find on the back of solution cards. You can take this one.

Help cards are the cards that are there for you when you get stuck at a riddle. For each riddle, you usually have 3 help cards. The first aid card gives you a little tip to solve the riddle. If you can’t figure it out yet, you can use the second help card with an even bigger hint. If you still can’t figure it out, you can use the third help card that has almost the answer.

Various Clues

With all editions of Exit, you will receive a booklet with instructions. The pages look very normal but hide a lot of messages. Everything is possible. You may even have to tear or fold some pages.