Cardboard Marking System and Other Points to Facilitate Moving

Once in your new home, the boxes may pile up in the entrance. So that the movers or your friends who come to lend a hand know in which room to put them, put up a code. Stick a colored sticker on the boxes, each piece is represented by a color and distributes a color-coded sheet to your packers and movers bangalore .

The advice of the pro: On the cardboard, better specify the piece of destination rather than the content. It will always be easier to open the three boxes of the bathroom to find the shampoo, rather than going from room to room to find the box that contains it. Finally, you can also number the boxes, and write a list specifying the contents of each box. Remember to make a copy of the list.

Anticipate the change of address by warning the organizations involved

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Moving is also changing your address. It is therefore necessary to warn all organizations that have your current mailing address, before your move, but not too early not to lose the mail, for lack of name on the mailbox.

The State proposes a simplified system to warn your interlocutors energy suppliers, social security, Treasury, CAF, etc. of your change of address, via the online site. Other companies offer, always for free, to take charge of contacting energy suppliers, telecom or insurers.

Hire a professional mover and find the perfect formula

Everyone does not have strong friends and nice enough to barter their Sunday of rest against a move that begins at dawn. So, you can also hire professionals to help you move, without necessarily taking care of packing your belongings.

For example, you can choose a package that includes only handling. Or, choose to leave the professionals in charge of furniture only. There are also companies specializing in the provision of professional movers, you pay by the hour, according to your needs.

Conversely, if you want to take care of nothing, there are all-inclusive formulas to move without lifting a finger or almost. You entrust your keys to the company, and the movers pack your stuff with quality material, fill the truck, transport your belongings even abroad, and even unpack the boxes in their destination room. A service that has a cost is variable depending on the volume and distance.

Call on a broker to choose a moving professional

Finding a qualified mover and choosing a formula that suits your needs is a task in itself. Make sure that the company exists, that it is well insured and that it has a transport license provided by the state. To choose, you can also call a moving broker. Packers make an estimate of the volume to be moved by videoconference, transfer the information to professionals whose prices you compare, then they offer their customers the best deals. A free service for the consumer also has the advantage of providing a follow-up during and after the move in case of problems. Website of the Ministry of Transport has the list of companies with a transport license.

On arrival, make an inventory of boxes and furniture

Once the move is over, you just want to sit in your new home. However, if you have used a professional mover, a last step is essential: a quick inventory of boxes and furniture.