Best Choices for the Perfect Jewelry Items for You

The hero of the occasion should feel confident and relaxed, and for this it is necessary not only to pay due attention to the choice of dress, but also to carefully consider the selection of jewelry like the hamsa hand necklace . To correctly choose jewelry, pay attention to the features of the shape of the face.

How to choose jewelry for a dress

In nature, there are many different shades of pearls: gold, white, blue, yellow, black, cream, green, pink and gray. Such a variety makes it possible to choose an option that will ideally fit with a wedding dress.

Classic colors – white, golden and cream

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 The last shade is in perfect harmony with cold tones, while it is recommended to choose golden pearls to match warm colors, such as ivory. Jewelry made of pearls surprisingly successfully fits into the delicate romantic image of the bride. How to choose jewelry for the shape of the face and hairstyle?

How to choose jewelry for a dress

As noted above, all jewelry and accessories should be selected, taking into account the hairstyle, the style of the wedding dress, as well as the shape and features of the face. There are several basic types: square, triangular, oval and round face shape. For example, if you are the owner of a triangular-shaped face, you should pay attention to modest cloves or neat round earrings. The main task is to round the angular oval. For a face that resembles a square, you should select earrings-droplets or, for example, oval jewelry.

Avoid worth square and rectangular shapes. In addition to the features of the structure of the head, styling plays an important role in choosing wedding decorations. If you plan to shine at your wedding with a complex hairstyle, decorated with a large number of various accessories, pay attention to the restrained clove earrings that will give the image of femininity. Volumetric earrings will make the image more effective if you choose the right hairstyle.

This can be a short haircut or neatly pulled back hair. At the same time, if you decide to give preference to large earrings, refuse a necklace. In order to maintain harmony and balance, no more than one or two accents should be made. For example, if your dress allows you to decorate your neck with luxurious pearl beads, large earrings will no longer be appropriate.

How to choose jewelry for a dress

The choice of jewelry for a wedding look is not limited to determining the style and style of accessories. You must also think about what material jewelry should be made of. White dress perfectly combines jewelry made of metals such as platinum or silver. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces look spectacular against a champagne-colored dress. Stylists recommend emphasizing cream color jewelry with such a non-standard shade of the outfit.

Hairstyle, an important aspect in choosing wedding jewelry

The way the hairstyle is made has a great influence on the wedding jewelry. For hair picked up in a hairstyle like a coconut, choose a pair of statement earrings, but as elegant you will be if you choose a pair of screw earrings or teardrop earrings.