Anti-aging: With these tips you will look young for a long time

Time cannot be stopped, it runs at its own pace, whether we like it or not. We can try to trick him a little, and so declare a fight against the rising years. Very often a few tricks are enough. For the CTFO this is the most important part.

Green tea: has a beneficial effect on the digestive system because tannins contained in it help digestion and, according to studies, act against stomach cancer from three cups a day. It stimulates brain activity by widening the blood vessels, perfusing the kidneys and stimulating cell renewal. It is very good to pay attention to the quality of tea.

Salt with iodine: when not in use, you should prefer it in the kitchen over ordinary salt. The trace element iodine ensures the maintenance of a healthy thyroid gland. If not, it brings health problems and overweight.

The Power of Silence: Take time to walk through the forest, park or sit in a quiet place. When we take a moment of silence, we straighten our thoughts, recharge our energy and strengthen our nerves. This regenerates our body.

Last meal three hours before sleep: in day mode, however, take time for a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prepare snacks in the form of fruits and vegetables to avoid starvation during the day. It is important to drink enough especially clean water. Hence the myth of not eating after 5pm is slowly and surely a survival.

Positive thinking: people with positive thinking are more resistant to various diseases. We could say that optimism is beneficial not only for health, but also for our surroundings. Certainly we prefer to seek the company of a positively attuned person rather than an eternally pessimistic and dissatisfied person. And as they say, everything goes better with a smile.

Coenzyme Q10


It is its own skin. We obtain it partly by food, partly by the body itself. Its advantage is that it ensures the synthesis of collagen, thanks to which the skin is smooth and firm. In addition, it counteracts free radicals inside and outside the cells. It fulfills an important function of an antioxidant and protects the skin from UV damage.

Trends against skin aging

For a long time anti-wrinkle creams are on the market, which are equipped with a sun protection factor. This addition in day creams makes sense. To prevent the sun’s UV rays and prevent premature aging of the skin. Incidentally, you also reduce the risk of diseases such as skin cancer.

The trend is also so-called anti-aging vials, which are applied directly to the skin. They should fill existing wrinkles and smooth the skin additionally. According to well-known lifestyle magazines, the small glass ampoules are particularly effective due to the high concentration of active ingredients even if the effect usually only lasts for a short time. The effect is not scientifically proven. The important thing is that the substances penetrate deep into the skin in order to be effective.

Simple tricks and home remedies for anti-aging

It does not always have to be expensive creams and vials. A lot of simple home remedy helps against the aging of the skin. For example, many stars swear by the secret tip of coconut milk not as a drink, but as a face mask: apply the milk to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Finally, just clean it with warm water. In particular, fresh coconut milk should help as a miracle weapon against wrinkles.