10 Best Escape Rooms In Singapore That Have You Cracking Your Brains

Exactly when I was more energetic, my associates and I would camp in the PC lab to play virtual best escape room singapore from locales. A lot to our disappointment that as we grew up, this idea would be conceptualized into a real game that will keep us drew in, in light of everything.

Lunchrooms are an exceptional technique to develop a more grounded security with your colleagues, family or partners through making some great memories together — you’ll have to coordinate to look for hints, tackle issues and investigate out of the got room in determined timings.

Gotten SG

Masterminded takeoff rooms, yet disregarding it, understand that the accomplishment movement of moving ceaselessly is simply 17%.

Gotten SG also has a chest stacked up with the most intriguing props to have a photo taken after the game.

best escape room singapore

Smooth individual

Smooth individual two outlets, one at Prinsep Street and another at Harbourfront — both are viably open by open vehicle. The rooms revolve around causing an experience rather than to puzzle clarifying, which fuses a huge load of genuine advancements like climbing and crawling.

Smooth individual lets each player pick a super power, which will allow an additional five minutes to move away from the rooms, or the ability to expand an extra piece of information.

BreakOut Singapore

Featuring four rooms through and through, BreakOut Singapore will press your cerebrum juice to quite far. It is proposed for experienced lunchroom players, yet in the event that you’re up for the test, investigated yourself whether or not you’re a learner.

The charming thing about BreakOut is that there are more than a singular strategy to comprehend an enigma. You’ll never know until you’ve exhaust all your imaginativeness.


Not in the slightest degree like some other escape rooms in Singapore, Encounter has three ordinarily arranged rooms, and one that is arranged in a genuine HDB condominium.

‘The Apartment’ is styled with a local turn, with the subject enveloping a family that has vanished. Will you have the choice to bits together the signs to find what truly came upon them?

Amaze Escape Rooms

The Captivate Escape, which we have starting late featured, has five rooms through and through with a noteworthy unstable component.

Enchant Escape similarly has move away from room social affairs for anyone more than seven years old, as of now I know where my next birthday celebration will be held at.


For thrill seekers searching for an escape live with remarkable sound and lighting impacts, it is unquestionably the spot to go.


lockDown.SG gives six extraordinary games to peruse with an endless proportion of pieces of information gave. There are rooms available with various troubles for the amateur to the masters.

The rooms are generally decorated with adroit parts and props that facilitate the subjects perfectly. Psst, I heard you’ll must be especially careful to nuances to appreciate the riddles.

Escape Hunt

Break Hunt is a worldwide brand, with outlets across more than 20 countries around the globe.

The conundrums are family-obliging, with three special subjects to peruse. Accordingly, grab your little cousins along to take an interest in the great occasions!

Not would you have the option to chill in the gigantic parlor, you will moreover serve hot tea and bread rolls. The expenses are charged per room, hence the more players, the lower the expense per individual will be.