Virtual Escape room’s 11 ideas

We all have heard about the virtual room but in this series, one new thing has come and that is called the virtual escape room. This series started during the covid-19. In the covid-19, we all know that time all over the world we are facing the situation of lockdown.

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At that time people are looking for some home fun activities. So still the covid-19 situation is going worse due to second strain all over the world. So, these virtual escape rooms will entertain you.

So today in this article we are exposing some ideas of a virtual escape room singapore that you can enjoy at your home.

  • Use technology instead of impractical Papers: Through technology, you can sell the booklets through the internet, this is the easiest path. Most people follow these booklets through a pdf reader after downloading the software on their smartphone. You will not stick to reading and operating through a paper. This technology is quite simple and you can create several stories with some complex riddles.
  • Virtual Escape room for outside, it also possible: In this pandemics, we all are locked in a room but due to these virtual rooms you will not feel locked because you can recreate such a story through the GPS platform. You just need to set the task, riddles, and rules with the different places. So, you just have to create a public space and then create a game.
  • Find a story of fear and engage them: In these escape rooms one thing is common and that is fear. In the game, there are so many virtual enemies so that you have fear of not being locked forever. This is the main feeling among all the participants, and all of them also want to win the game. So make a challenging game or a story that is based on fear. There are so many platforms on the internet where you can customize it.
  • Game-Based on dark mode: As we know, the dark mode is mainly used in scary stories. For example, you wake up in the morning and you don’t know where you are? So in the best part of the story, you have collected the key to coming out of that place and you can also add some hiding object in it.
  • Indoor virtual Room: in this article, we already discussed the outdoor virtual room now we will discuss the indoor virtual room. With some little imagination, you can buy it for every home. You just have to use some features from the different editors, for example, scavenger hunt. So all of you can enjoy the game and puzzle at home. For example, if you are creating a virtual room for the home and for the family then you can create some games that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Try to involve with fewer and more Items: In the virtual room, you will play this game at home or office. If you have a cat then hide something and then make it possible for everyone to find it.

These are some simple ways to enjoy a virtual escape room in this pandemic.