Vaping with the Perfect Solutions for You Now

The LPF team is there to help you in this task by offering you a selection of 100% girly products that will please your beautiful. Various and varied models of electronic cigarettes you will have something to treat your sweetheart for the day of lovers. LPF has what you need to find the perfect gift for your lover whether to complete his collection or to help him stop smoking you will inevitably find your happiness. With the best vape you can find the perfect choice now.

Innokin GOs Pen Kit

The GOs kit from the Innokin brand is a real gem, downright girly. Its tubular shape allows it to be transported everywhere and its colors bring a touch of originality to your vape: sky blue, a candy pink or more sober color anything is possible. Your darling will vaporize with elegance and originality.

Justfog’s Q16

If your valentine needs simplicity and quality, give her a beautiful Justfog Q16. This is particularly simple to use and easily transported e-cigarette. Discreet, it fits perfectly with your beautiful hand and fits easily in a bag. Your sweetheart will be delighted to be offered such a pretty e-cigarette.

best vape

Smok’s Novo pod

Very small and pretty like everything here is the Novo pod from Smok. An ideal material to get away from bad habits very gently hyper compact, this pod can accompany your sweetheart throughout her day. Give wonderful moments to your lover on Valentine’s Day with the Novo pod by Smok.

Vaporesso Gen Kit

Here is a kit that will perfectly meet the expectations of vaping connoisseurs. Operating with two 18650 type accumulators, the Gen kit offers great power and excellent autonomy. Much more imposing than the other models mentioned above, this e-cigarette is intended for an informed public. Chic and pretty, here is the ideal gift to please your lover.

The DotAio SE

If you want to offer you’re beautiful a chic and refined e-cigarette, the DotAio SE is made for you. Its elegant design will seduce your valentine for sure. Easy to transport, it can be stored very simply in a handbag. This is what to vape with class, power and simplicity for Valentine’s Day.

Domenech 22mm Petri V2 Lite from DotMod

For lovers of mechanical mods, here is the DotMech 22mm Petri V2 Lite. A very small model working with an 18350 type battery. Available in a rainbow of colors, it will appeal to a large number of Valentines. Discreet but elegant, the DotMech is a real gem in its case.

Do you want to take the plunge? Are you a beginner? Here is the ultimate beginner’s guide to electronic cigarettes. Advice on material acquisition, negative and positive studies published in the field of vaping, those who defend it, how to quit smoking and our web series, everything you need to get started.

New to the electronic cigarette: where do I start?

Quitting smoking is a milestone. A difficult test requires support, perseverance and willpower. Those who tell you that the electronic cigarette makes it possible to quit smoking will be wrong, it is you with the support of a tool, a professional and your entourage who have the keys to make your smoking cessation success. The electronic cigarette is not officially recognized as a tool for smoking cessation as are patches or chewing gum. Some tobacco specialists recommend it because it reproduces the gesture of smoking and delivers a dose of nicotine.