Tips on how to get money for your own housing

Do you want to move to your own, maybe you have already chosen your property and you lack the necessary cash? The article will give you a basic insight into what resources and how you can use them. You can also สมัคร งาน เจ้าหน้าที่ สินเชื่อ รถยนต์ .

The problem of most households is where to take enough money to buy property, often worth several million. By spending this amount, you may not be fundamentally helped by loans from relatives and friends. However, you can use one of two basic sources of funding building savings and mortgages. At the basic points, we will describe these ways to get back to them in more numbers.

สมัคร งาน เจ้าหน้าที่ สินเชื่อ รถยนต์

Building savings

At present, many clients still have a contract under the old more favorable building savings conditions. While former state aid amounted to 25% of the amount deposited, building societies’ clients will receive only 15% support for contracts signed. The earlier amount needed to obtain maximum state aid increased from eighteen to twenty thousand. However, it is still a convenient tool for housing financing.

When concluding a contract, you choose the amount of the target amount – the sum of the amount you saved, the state aid, the interest on these amounts and the loan. Your savings will usually be 40% of the total volume in some tariffs even 30% or 50%. Set a target amount that is consistent with your options and future plans.

For old contracts concluded before, it is ideal to deposit 1,500 per month, and in addition to an annual deposit of 18,000 you will also receive 4,500 of state aid. For new contracts, the ideal monthly deposit is 1,667 for the annual savings of 20,000 you will receive an additional 3,000 from the state.

From the day of the accession citizens of other countries with a residence permit and an assigned birth number are also entitled to state support. Thus, for example, your spouse or spouse of Slovak origin may also have a contract.

If you do not take a loan, you must also fulfill the condition of saving in order to receive state aid. For old contracts, this means you have to keep the money in your building savings account for five years; it is six years for new contracts. So if you are close to the end of the savings, be sure to stay with the money otherwise you will lose your support and pay a penalty fee.

In the event that you are already tied up and you want to use the savings without applying for a loan, remember to have a three-month notice period. For example, if you want to have the money available at the beginning of November, you must terminate the contract as early as July, because the period starts running in August that is, from the first day of the month following the delivery of the notice to the building society. In some cases it is possible to shorten this period.

If you are not applying for a regular or bridging loan and you have only withdrawn money, you can do anything about it. You can even use them as a supplement to your mortgage, so you get a higher loan. You can also keep them for your apartment.