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To confirm that the lawyer has a valid, current license to conduct legal practice, you can visit the official register of attorneys to obtain up-to-date licensing information. The immigration solicitors can surely help you out there.

Obligations of the Attorney

When a person rents a lawyer’s services, a lawyer-client relationship is created. In this relationship, the lawyer’s primary task is to make sure that the client’s rights are protected.

The client has the right to an attorney who is fully capable of dealing with his legal case. Lawyers must make every effort to their clients. It must be remembered, however, that lawyers cannot, of course, guarantee special results in matters.

Lawyers should represent their clients eagerly. They must also keep all confidences and secrets revealed to them during the lawyer-client relationship.

The customer has the right to a written agreement, which is sometimes referred to as a retention agreement or contractual letter. The customer has the right to be kept up to date on the status of his case or legal matter. He also has the right to a copy of all correspondence and legal documents drawn up on behalf of the client, or correspondence received by a lawyer from the court or the other party in this case.

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The customer has the right to make a final decision regarding the aims to be carried out in his or her case and to take a final decision regarding any resolution of the case.

Customer’s responsibilities

In order for the relationship between the lawyer and the client to work effectively, the client should be honest and truthful in all conversations with his lawyer. The lawyer should receive all relevant information and documents, and be notified of any changes in the client’s situation.

It is also expected from the client, payment of fees earned by the lawyer, and other expenses, which are described in the agreement setting. If questions arise during the lawyer-client relationship, it is expected that the client will ask his lawyer for help in order to resolve them.

At the beginning

The first meeting with a lawyer is often called consultation. It is an opportunity for the client and lawyer to read and discuss the legal issue of the client. Some lawyers provide limited free consultations, especially in emergency cases. Free tips are usually shorter than paid. If the client wants to get a thorough analysis of the case and real legal assistance, you usually have to pay for such a consultation. When arranging for advice, the client should ask if there is any consultation fee. He should not expect free legal advice. The client should also remember that his one question may actually be so extensive that a short consultation may not be enough to get a full answer.

Customers should not be afraid to ask difficult questions. If the client is curious about the qualification of a lawyer, simply ask. Most lawyers will have no problem with providing information about the school they have attended, the states in which they are entitled to practice the law, and experience in the field of law in which the client needs help.