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You want to buy a second-hand vehicle without emptying your savings account? Here are some expert tips to make a good choice. Buying a used car without having it inspected is risky. You could find yourself quickly with a host of repairs to pay, in addition to payments for the car loan. Inspection is not the only thing to consider. Follow the guide with automotive paint greensboro nc .

Before buying

We set the budget for the purchase of the car at $ 6,000. Below this amount, good used vehicles from the point of view of mileage and maintenance costs are scarcer.

Do your research and be realistic

The first step for you is to think about your needs, not just the type of vehicle you want. What trips will you make? What is really important to you: fuel economy, interior space, trunk size? This will direct you to a specific category of vehicle.

An error not to commit: buy an old model of sports car or luxury car essentially a European, like a BMW or a Mercedes sold at a good price, but which will lead you into a financial chasm in maintenance costs and in repairs because of its complex mechanics.

Is there any way to trust a few sure values?

Japanese cars are often good choices. Although it is not an absolute rule, they are well built, and the mechanics remain simple and easy to repair. The Korean Hyundai has also gained a lot of reliability over the last decade. North Americans are not to be disdained either, although some the Fiat Chrysler, in particular requires more repairs than the average.

Finally, there are several tools, guides and magazines that will allow you to learn about different models, to make comparisons and to detect recurring mechanical problems. Protect-You offer its subscribers a list not only of recommended used cars, but also of lemons to avoid. On the CAA-Quebec website, you will also find the Annuals of used cars.

Similarly, consulting Transport Canada’s Car Safety Recall Data Bank is a good idea. You can check if a model is subject to repeated recalls, or if a part is consistently defective in a model of that year.

Establish a budget, including maintenance

In addition to the vehicle’s acquisition cost, you’ll need to budget enough for oil changes, new tires, and repairs that will occur over time. According to expert, for a car that has traveled 150,000 to 200,000 km, you should expect to change including ball bearings as well as brake pads and calipers, and to repair various electronic sensors, the system antipollution and gasoline leaks. The experts consulted here estimate the budget for this work at about $ 1,000 a year.

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In anticipation of these repairs, the ideal is to pay your new car at once, or to be able to pay a good initial amount in order not to have to face two items of expenditure at the same time repayment of the loan and interview. Moreover, beware of false individuals, that is to say, resellers posing as car owners, thus avoiding obtaining a license of used vehicles salesman to the Office of Consumer Protection (OPC).