The Business and the Translation Process Now for You

Doing business with a private translation company has many advantages over hiring a translator. A single translator cannot compete with a team of translators. You need to be sure about the translation which will be clear to the readers. Does your company have translation needs and are you thinking of adding a translator to your team? Rather, see here what you have to gain when you choose to entrust your translation mandates to a private company.

The quality

A professional translator translates in one direction, from French to English or from English to French, for example. He works from a source language which he masters very well towards a target language which is his mother tongue. An employee hired to translate your content back and forth can do the job, but the quality will undoubtedly be affected. The ideal is to choose a private company that has professional English and French translators. You will therefore never perceive the underlying translation process and will not doubt the quality of the finished product.

which will become clear

The effectiveness

With a private company, you don’t have to adopt the thinking of the employer. You will therefore not fear that your translator will be sick or absent, that he will be overworked and unable to complete the job on time, or that he will turn his thumbs when production delays occur. A team of professionals can produce around 4,500 words per day in French and just as many in English. The performance is therefore much higher than what an employee can do. You have nothing to manage. The resources are there to meet your needs.

The economy

The translation company also allows you to save money, especially if your translation budget does not exceed the annual salary of an employed translator. You don’t have to pay for office space and equipment, sick leave and replacements. You don’t have to think about schedules, vacations and benefits. You have a free mind and can trust private enterprise. You pay by the piece according to your needs for unique know-how, a rich experience and recognized professional services.


The private company translation process does not involve just one person. Your documents go through three important stages before being returned to you: translation, comparative review and proofreading. Three professionals give the best of themselves to offer you a translation every time that meets your expectations. And as the team of a translation company is versatile, you can take advantage of its expertise for all kinds of content, from websites to reports or press releases, blogs to leaflets or brochures, and many more.

Your satisfaction

An employed translator can only count on himself. He works according to his skill and knowledge, but errors can creep into his translations. Private enterprise is not entitled to missteps, because the impeccable work of its team is the only guarantee of its reputation and success. Researchers work tirelessly to verify and cross-check the choice of words or to validate the interpretation of your documents. This research allows them to answer your questions and doubts with solid arguments because they know that your satisfaction is part of success.