Smartest Solutions for the Best Real Estate Investment

The first phase of buying a property is the search for a house whose characteristics are as close as possible to the subjective expectations of the buyer while taking into account the objective factors that determine its value: therefore, it is necessary to carefully evaluate what for us it is the best quality/price ratio. Here comes the use of the Winston Salem NC realtor .

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1) Why Buy Your Home

In evaluating what the “right” home is, the motivations for buying a house, which can be different, have a strong influence. The house, in fact, is a commodity of first necessity but it is also a “benerifugio”, and therefore an object of investment. In Italy, however, among the different motivations that lead to the purchase of an apartment, the one for its direct use represents the main one, with a percentage equal to about 80%, while the others that are part of the remaining 20% ​​buy properties above all for investment. In turn, the purchase for direct use can be divided into “first purchase” (30%), mostly made by couples of young people who get married or who were previously rented, and “improvement” (the remaining 70%): the latter usually means looking for a larger place, in a different area, in a building or on a different floor.

2) What You Are Looking For “Improving”

The reasons that lead people to move house to “improve”, or at least tend to give more weight when buying a property to live in, are statistically the same:

  • house size (25%): usually a larger accommodation is sought
  • subjective reasons (20%): maybe you have to change the city for work, or because you get married
  • stable (15%): look for a more decent building, or maybe a villa instead of an apartment
  • security in the area (10%): people prefer to move to a safer neighborhood or city
  • green (10%): there is a tendency to escape from overbuilding and pollution, especially if there are children
  • services (10%): especially if you have children or you begin to get older
  • silence (5%): people flee from noisy or harassing people
  • floor (5%): it also has its importance

3) The Quality / Price Report

Generally speaking, each of these “improvement” features has, literally, its price, so it is necessary to choose, in practice, not the best house ever but the one that offers the best quality/price ratio for us. For example, when you buy an apartment in a building, you already know that other things being equal the top floor is the most expensive, even in terms of the condominium to be paid (due to the different distribution in thousandths of the quotas according to the plan), so it will be necessary to evaluate if it is worthwhile to pay something more but enjoy, perhaps, a terrace on the level and, above all, a greater silence and a better view. If one is driven mainly by reasons of economy, then it is usually convenient to choose a middle plan. If one is in doubt about the choice between two or three buildings, it is better to prefer the one of greater value in terms of finish, area, etc.