Peter Comisar has alleged the fraud of $200 million by ex-partner Scooter Braun

Recently, a piece of news has come after big news of increasing sales of Braun’s company, Ithaca. Braun has filed a petition in the court of Los Angeles. In the petition, it mentioned that Peter Comisar has committed fraud of $200 million. He also added further that Comisar had never given any effort to make a profit for the company. He has never secured a single customer and has taken the salary of one and a half months forcefully. Braun has also made many other allegations on Comisar.

Both of them spoke up about each others nature

Peter Comisar and Scooter Braun are continuously putting allegations on each other. They both have revealed their working nature together. And none of them was happy and satisfied with the work of each other towards the company.

Braun said that during the launch of Scope capital management, he has spent about $3 million and Peter has not spent anything at all. Also, Peter failed to secure a single customer for the company and has not given any result to it. Later on, Braun has also taken the salary forcefully.

Braun has also said that Comisar has not given his time for SCOPE and had focused on his own other business and was managing his own account. It was also breaking the terms mentioned in the agreement of business between Peter and Scooter.

Peter Comisar

And these violations of terms and mistakes of SCOPE capital management has led to the downfall and which has led to the loss of $5.2 million, which was Braun’s total investment.

While Peter has also presented his side, he said that Braun has said that he could make the collection of $250 to $750, from his other friend in the entertainment industry. But he failed to do so.

Braun’s statement and tweet against Comisar

Braun has said that now Comisar is just here to make money from him. Because recently Braun’s company Ithaca has made a profit of $1.05 billion. And hence he tweeted about it on Thursday. He mentioned the guy who took $5 million from us without doing anything for the company is now asking for money just knowing about our success. However, we are not scored and love this kind of opportunist.

None of them is ready to quit this conflict and both of them are revealing to each other frauds and the nature of working space. They both are presenting their own sides and alleging each other with several warnings.


In this article, you will get to read about the most trending news that Ex-partner Scooter Braun has filed a petition against Peter Comisar in the court of Los Angeles. The petition is about Comisar fraud of $200 million. Also, both of them are making ugly allegations against each other. Braun has revealed a lot about the careless nature of Comisar in his profession. He has not put any effort into the company and now has joined another company. But as Braun’s company earned profit he sued him.