Paying methods in places and countries

There are many places are there to pay the tip that helps you to show your thanks to the person who serves you at the place. It can be a hotel, restaurant, club, pub, cafe, etc. The only way to make you and the server happy is by giving the tip that is equal to show the love of their work. Giving tip can be calculated in many ways one of the ways is using by the tip calc . It is very simple to handle you have to type how much amount you want to pay and by how much percent of your bill amount.

Countries and methods for tips:

In general, giving the tip is by using the base amount of 10 percent of your bill. And on the other side, you can pay the tip by using any amount that you think to pay. These are some of the countries that are not expecting the tip to pay but in some countries, it is like a religious tradition to pay the tip after you have to food. So, you have to be very careful and examine properly about your country and its culture to pay. Because in those countries if you didn’t give the tip then they think it is disrespectful for them.

If you go the hotels and restaurants it is okay to pay the tip but in the cafe or pub, there is no compulsion of giving the tip to them but still if you love their performance or way of service you can pay the tip to boost them for making them do more better. Comparing to the hostels and restaurants you can pay a low tip to the cafe or pubs. In simple, you can leave the change in the pub or cafe shop. For example, if you drink the coffee or pub for 19 dollars and you gave 20 dollars for the bill then you can leave that 1 dollar for a tip or you can pay the extra amount that is completely your wish.

When it comes to drivers by taxi or bus they will never expect the tip if you wish you can pay them or you just leave not to pay. But giving them a tip will them happy for their work.
In the countries like France, there will be a service charge in the bill while giving the tip first you have to check whether the hotel calls for service charges if they didn’t then you can just pay the tip to the respected person. Or else the hotel calls for charges as service then you do not want to pay any amount to the servers.

tip calc

In some countries, there is a strict rule that if you pay tips in the cafe or pub then it is like a rule-breaking to them. Then they impose a fine on you. Mostly some countries expect the tips but in some countries that impose fine on us so there you have to be very conscious of not paying the tips to the servers around you and pay simply the bill.