Moving Germany in sports

Without any doubt, we all know that Fussball-soccer or football is the most lovable game in Germany among other sports. For further details about football in Germany let’s have a look at the national football association called DFB. Deutscher Fussball Bund is the abbreviated form for DFB. In the world, the only single largest sports federation is the DFB. The DFB contains 7 Mio members roughly. The meaning of Bundesliga is the German Football League. The German football league Umzug nach Deutschland is one of the most famous leagues in Europe. It is not only a famous league, but it is also a successful league in Europe. In Germany, football fans support their favorite football teams which will happen every weekend. Lots of football teams are in Germany but a team which attracts lots of fans is the german national team. The German national team wins the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Finding the most famous German football player is a tough one.

Bundesliga in Germany

Umzug nach Deutschland

But a football player who is famous all the time is Franz Beckenbauer. He is the player of the German national Mannschaft. He is not only the player but also the manager of the German national Mannschaft. The one and only german footballer who won the world cup both as a player and as a manager is Franz Beckenbauer. Victory in the WorldCup for 4 times makes Germany the second most successful nation after Brazil. Most of the countries are playing football. But Germany is well known for football because of the German football league (Die Bundesliga). Football is the main identity of Germany.

Counter attacking football

German football is counter-attacking football. Manuel Neuer is the captain of the football team in Germany. The one who wins the Bundesliga title 28 times is the Bayern Munich.18 teams are present the Bundesliga. On weekdays a few games are played and most of the games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Borussia Dortmund, hamburger SV, Werber Bremen, Borussia Monchengladbach, and VfB Stuttgart are champion has other champions seen in Bundesliga. The first football league in the world out of all sports with an average attendance in Bundesliga. After the American national football League Bundesliga average of 45134 fans per game from 2011 to 2012 season and become the second-highest of any sports league in the world. Over 200 countries Bundesliga broadcast on television. In 1962 Bundesliga was founded. In1963 the first Bundesliga season was started. Deutscher Fussball-bund was the founder of Bundesliga but now operated by Deutscher Fussball-Liga. Bundesliga turnover was €1.7bn, broken down into broadcast income (€594m), sponsorship receipt was €573m and match-day was €424m. Bundesliga clubs paid 50% of revenue out of European leagues. The Bundesliga has the highest average attendance and lowest ticket prices. The best-attended association football league in the world is Bundesliga.43 clubs have won the German championship. The honor of the verdiente meister version was introduced in 2004. Usage of Germany is one star for three titles and 2 stars for five titles and three stars for 10 titles and four stars for 20 titles. The game in which the money seem to practice in Germany is golf. In Germany, the most famous player in the golf game is Martin Kaymer. In 2011 he was one of the worldwide famous golf players. He is also famous for the second youngest top golf player worldwide.