How to make the runners for Ice hockey skates

Do not destroy your new Ice hockey Equipment by bad treatment. We send you in the majority with tips and tricks on how to maintain the hockey equipment so that it will last as long as possible to the satisfaction of you and your family fund.

In the last part, we have opened the series for hobby players with tips on how to take care of the new skates right after the purchase. But we skipped the most important part of the skates the runners. In the continuation of the series of tips for amateur players, we present you the profile of the runner. They learn that you do not always have to be responsible for cases. And finally, we advise you how to properly care for hockey skates.

In the next parts of the series, you’ll read about how to hone the hockey stick and how to adjust its size or how to maintain ice hockey gloves. If you are more interested in choosing the whole skate than in choosing skids, we have prepared a consultant page for you on how to choose hockey skates correctly.

Hockey shoe radius

Ice hockey Equipment

Each blade has two sharp edges, but the depth between them significantly affects your skating. The deeper the radius, the lower the blade is sunk, and each kick costs you more power. But for more energy, you get greater stability.

On the contrary, a flatter radius can help you with speed at the expense of stability. You will be less tired because you do not give so much power in the kicks. A flat radius is selected by attack players, a deep radius defender. It’s not an iron rule, so choose the depth of the profile to fit your game and your abilities.

Choose the right footwear

The profile of the runner influences which part of the runner touches the ice at that moment. The profile of the skid can support or reverse the effect of the depth of the radius. As you can see in the picture, each part of the skid supports another property.

The profile of the skid

Increase the part for stability, and you become more stable, increase the part for speed, and you will be faster and so on. The right choice of skate profile is like choosing formulas tires. The drivers choose them according to the characteristics of the track. So choose a runner profile that best supports your style of play and your type of skating.

Maybe you are not such a weakling as it looks at first glance

Some cases are associated with the torn edge of the skid. In the right part of the picture, you can see that such an edge can not sink into the ice, which, for example, leads to an inevitable fall when you flip it over. A torn edge is easy to spot as you run your fingernail over the runner’s head.

How to drag the skates

But you have to distinguish when the edge is torn off and when it is completely missing. A torn-off edge can be machined with a grindstone itself. It is only necessary to lay it parallel to the runner and machine the uneven parts of the runner. If the edges are missing and you can not work them with the stone, you ‘ll need to sand the skates to make the edge come back.