How the Physical Therapist Works for You

Muscles are the main responsible for the movement of the human body because of their contractile capacity to shorten. They attach to the frame thanks to their two ends called tendons. The muscle usually crosses at least one joint and therefore ensures its movement. What causes a muscle to contract and therefore the movement of a joint? It’s nerve conduction. For the Physical therapist chicago this is important. It can be popularized as an electrical impulse that emerges from the brain. This then travels in a large wire called the spinal cord through the spine and finally to the muscle via a nerve emerging between two vertebrae. When nerve conduction reaches the muscle, it causes it to contract. Unfortunately, the nerve can be pinched in its path by a badly positioned bone, a muscle that is too tight, or even a herniated disc. Chiropractic is also effective in treating these nerve pinches, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic exam

Chiropractic is a profession in the health field which aims to detect, correct and prevent malfunctioning neuro muscles skeletal joints. Subluxation is present when one or both bones forming a joint are slightly displaced or there is a decrease in normal joint movement. Using very specific examinations, the chiropractor is able to detect a subluxation and treat it using chiropractic adjustments, a specialized form of joint manipulation.

Chiropractic treatment: Do I have to be “cracked”?

No. There are two types of manipulation which are, in my opinion, as effective as the other.


The first type that you use a lot in my clinic is speed. This type of manipulation is carried out with an instrument that resembles a punch called an activator. It allows vertebral and joint corrections of the limbs to be carried out using a rapid, very gentle pulse without cavitation cracking.


The second type of manipulation is rather based on depth. By stretching the articular capsule filled with liquid synovia one causes and hears the formation of gas. This process is called cavitation.


In addition to correcting joint subluxations, the chiropractor is also able to examine and care for the muscles carefully. Another important aspect of chiropractic treatment is exercise recommendations and lifestyle advice. The chiropractic approach, therefore, aims to be both preventive and curative.

The chiropractic profession

To practice chiropractic, all chiropractors must have successfully completed their undergraduate doctoral studies in chiropractic. They must then pass the national exams of the Canadian Council of Chiropractic Examinations, as well as an examination on legislation and ethics of the Order of Chiropractors. The main mission is to ensure the protection of the public. To do this, the professionals establish standards of practice that more than 1,200 doctors of chiropractic must respect in this country.

Chiropractic is an approach to health based on the whole person. Indeed, chiropractic philosophy sees the human being as a whole and it is by manual treatment methods that the chiropractor can come to influence all the structures of the body. Chiropractic is known to relieve and treat disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. These can affect any joint in the body and have repercussions on several levels.

Physical therapist chicago

The manipulations used mainly target the lumbar, dorsal and cervical regions aimed at adjusting the vertebrae, releasing tensions and restoring the patient’s physiological balance. It generally remedies all problems related to the neuro-musculoskeletal system, namely the nervous system, muscles, joints and bones. Certain other pains can also be targeted and relieved by chiropractic according to each specific case.