How Really Immigration Works and the Perception it Builds

“The problem of immigration divides Europe”, “It is still an emergency landed” or “Yet another tragedy in the Mediterranean”, these are just some of the titles that are chased daily on major newspapers or on TV news, inflaming political debates and shaking the consciences of all. On the screen, innumerable looks of hope run alongside eyes of terror, feelings of trust alternate with states of deep concern in the people crowded on the barges, aware of having risked their own lives and that of their children in order to escape wars, misery and disease. Not always, however, along the coast waiting for them open welcoming and charitable arms. The consultation with the immigration solicitor london is the perfect option here.

The Circulation

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More and more often in bars, supermarkets, at the Post Office, impatient thoughts circulate about those who would like them to come back where they came from, those who can’t stand that there are Italians without a home and without a job, while they try to guarantee food, lodging and mobile phone. It’s true, history rarely teaches and the memory of the past is increasingly blurred. How many of our great-grandparents, grandparents and even parents, have immigrated abroad, to designated destinations where it seemed within the reach of anyone “to make a fortune “?

  • First in America, then in Europe, in rich countries like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and then from the South to the North of our peninsula, they came in search of a better future. In the heart of those who were leaving there were the same feelings as those who today are forced to leave their land: sadness, suffering, but also hope and the dream of being able to do it, of being able to build a peaceful future.

Yet the encounter between different cultures should lead to enrichment for both. One should not shut oneself up for fear or selfishness, and those who come to our country should have the opportunity to express their abilities. In fact, immigrants represent an economic and cultural resource. They are a considerable workforce and support the economy in an Italy that is stubborn about not having children, paying taxes and contributions that offset the costs incurred by the public administration (justice, health, education, housing, etc.). Furthermore, their traditions, their customs, their culture and their way of smiling at life despite everything, could be an important lesson for us.

The Conceptions

Therefore, it should not be considered a source of danger who has skin color, language, religion, uses different from ours, because diversity is synonymous with wealth. Western society should be directed towards a real integration that concerns everyone and requires cultural mediation and sharing.

The difficulties due to industrial decline or the financial crisis are mistakenly attributed to immigrants. Openness to newcomers, as well as being morally right, is indeed economically advantageous and culturally enriching.

This is why it is essential to allow an African to move to America or Europe, just as within national borders a citizen can move from one region to another, looking for better possibilities.