Housing loans the largest selection on the market

Usually, the documents required for individual banks do not differ significantly, but just in case, set them a list, so that you will not forget about anything. You will need the documents to submit your loan application, and only an application containing a complete set of properly filled documents will go to the analyst. You can also look for the สมัคร งาน เจ้าหน้าที่ สินเชื่อ รถยนต์ .

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Housing loan: verification of loan application

The bank, when it receives your application and full documentation, will start to verify the submitted documents. Will examine the creditworthiness and estimate the risk associated with granting the loan. Will analyze your liabilities, income and check the property, which is to provide security.

As part of the verification, the bank will carry out or commission a valuation of the real estate that is to be lent. The bank needs time to carry out the necessary analyzes from two to four, and sometimes even six weeks.

The waiting time for a credit decision depends largely on you how quickly you provide your documents, whether they will not have errors, shortages or whether the property can be valued. The fact that a credit decision is issued does not mean that you must sign a loan agreement immediately this is valid for 30 to 90 days.

The loan agreement consists of a dozen or so pages. Ask in advance about her pattern, become acquainted with it and circle all obscure, doubtful or anxious points. Ask your advisor for clarifications before you sign your document. Also remember to check the correct contract – the one you will sign the content may contain errors regarding personal data, information about the property or the dates of the loan tranches.

Payment of a housing loan

Before the bank pays out the funds, you must meet the conditions to pay the loan. The condition for the payment of the loan may be submitting a credit launch order, presenting a notarial deed confirming the transfer of ownership, evidence of tax and stamp duty payment, or submitting an application for establishing a mortgage. The credit application process ends with the mobilization of funds, i.e. the transfer of some or the entire loan amount to the seller’s account.

Let’s return for a moment to our own contribution without him, the bank will not transfer money. Own contribution is the means that together with the loan should enable financing of the entire investment. The amount of the required own contribution depends on the bank and it does not always have to be cash.

This may be a construction plot on which an investment, another flat, a donation, a deposit, a housing book or savings accumulated on an Individual Pension Account or an Individual Pension Security Account are to be conducted.

Housing loan calculator: calculate the mortgage loan installment

How much will you borrow and how much will you eventually give up after 30 years? Before the bank presents you with the repayment schedule, you can count yourself how much it will cost you use the mortgage calculator. The mortgage calculator available on website will allow you to calculate the installment with a specific interest rate offered by the bank.