Greater Solutions for the Best Smoke Damage Cleanup Now

Much of the rehabilitation work after disasters is complemented by the use of the Sonozaire ozone generator next to the air conditioner intake of the building. The air conditioner fan should run continuously and be used to spread ozone throughout the area to be treated, and provide final treatment of remaining odors. This method is similar to the soaking method. If possible, use the air conditioner in the cooling mode with the fan running steadily. The cooling mode has two beneficial effects. First, it keeps the building colder and can produce more ozone with the ozone generator. Second, the cooling will remove a lot of moisture that can be formed by the oxidation of odors. In case of smoke damage cleanup this is important.

The ozone will be diluted and unless it is treated for a very long time, it will not damage the carpet or its supports. Most carpets with rubber backs are in fact mostly vinyl, which is ozone resistant. However, it is often advisable to know the carpet and to contact the manufacturer if there are any doubts about the ozone treatment. Please note that ozone is not recommended if the carpet is wet. However, this treatment can be used during the drying of the carpet. Indeed, if it is aerated for a while, it should contain very little moisture and ozone concentration levels should be very low.

The carpets can also be removed from the premises and taken to a carpet treatment facility where the treatment procedures include the use of ozone in at least one treatment step. This treatment is often the final step in the cleaning process where ozone is used to remove the remaining odors, including those caused by other phases of treatment. Ozone can provide a fresh smell to treated carpet that cannot be provided by other sources.

smoke damage cleanup

Eliminating the smell of urine

An odor that is difficult for most carpet cleaners to remove is the smell of urine. The urine smells of domestic animals including cats contain a lot of uric acid and ammonia, which is not only strong in smell, but which often gets into the wood or cement, and even after cleaning, it often happens again. One of the best methods to treat this odor is to clean and treat the infrastructure with chemical compounds to absorb the odor. It should, therefore, be thoroughly cleaned, dried and covered with an anti-leak. Then, the wadding of the affected carpet should be replaced and finally, the carpet should be cleaned and ozonized to remove the remaining odor. If the carpet has only light odors, then direct the ozone to the affected area. On slightly stronger odors, bring the ozone below the carpet and force the ozone to pass through the carpet.

Cleaning of air ducts

Cleaning air conditioning lines often includes ozone treatment. Typically, the lines are first cleaned with conventional methods, and then the ozone is used as it was shown before by getting it into the air intake grille of the air conditioning system. An alternative is to get it into the air ducts without turning on the air conditioner fan to get higher ozone concentrations to destroy the bacteria in the pipes. The Sonozaire ozone generator equipped with a flexible hose makes it possible to put the ozone in several places of the system of air ducts.