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The public sector also employs this professional and one of the activities in this area in which we most perceive his presence is the creation of government campaigns. Let us know more about the work of an advertiser in his different areas of expertise. The use of the cornhole decals happens to be essential here.

Advertising Campaigns

This may be the activity most related to the Advertising professional. In general, the professional who performs advertising campaigns is tied to some advertising agency.

The elaboration of advertising campaigns is not an individual job, so that an idea of ​​promotion of some product or brand reaches the final consumer in the form of advertising, it is necessary the work of a creative team.

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The realization of an advertising campaign goes through several steps. The advertiser can act in each of them, or manage the process as a whole.

Meet some of the teams needed to run an advertising campaign:

Service is the first contact between the client and the agency. This activity requires talking to the customer to know what type of product they want to sell, what the company’s goals are with the campaign, etc. Besides knowing the product well, the advertiser needs to know more about the brand he will be representing, who he wants to reach and what the company’s values, for example.

Planning – With the campaign objectives already established, the planning area establishes the campaign strategies, it defines what will be communicated, how, what will be the approach, language and arguments that will be used.

Media – This is the media area that negotiates which media the campaign will be served on, the length of time and number of insertions. In the case of print and digital media, characteristics such as the size and format of the advertisement, which page (magazine or newspaper) will be printed, etc. are defined. In the case of advertisements on TV or radio, it is important to define the time, channel and also during which programming the commercial will be aired.

Creation – The creative department is responsible for defining the entire look of the campaign and making the advertisements. This team defines the images, the order in which they appear, the content insertion, among others. It also develops a kind of detailed roadmap for the campaign to guide the work of designers, illustrators, photographers, directors, etc. The process of creation also involves the production of jingles, the writing of the content to be exposed and the creation of lines in the case of radio or television campaigns.

The work of the advertiser does not end with the advertisement or advertisement served in the media. Following the launch of the campaign, he assesses the impact on the consumer. The advertiser reports on this assessment so that the company can track campaign results and even propose some adjustments, such as changing hours or even media type.

Sales and Marketing

Some companies hire advertisers for the commercial and marketing departments. In this case, the advertiser will perform functions related to the sales strategy of the products.

The advertiser can also work in product planning and development. He creates content for labels and packaging and participates in choosing product formats and colors. It is involved in decision-making processes that relate to the look and communication of the product or service.

You can also participate in the planning and execution of events, fairs and conventions to promote and promote the brand.