Get away from Negativity and Evil Things


The definition of Black magic is hard to find. Till now no correct definition has been given for black magic. The reason, it is hard to understand. Though one understands, it is hard to explain in words. The debate is happening all over the world like some people say that there is something horrible which is called black magic. But some people say that there is nothing like that, it is all only some superstitious belief. Some people advise that not to believe in such things as they are only very mystical.

جلب الحبيب some people are still existing in this modern world who themselves say that they are the witches and they belong to some devil groups, this makes some of the people to believe them blindly. They would create fake news that they worship a kind of devil or demons only. Thus varieties of people are living in this world and different kinds of definitions have been given by different types of people. Still, we cannot accurately define Black Magic as it is always a secretive one. Black magic is completely harmful and it is against white magic which is safe to the people.

جلب الحبيب

K World:

Black magic or dark magic is something harmful which causes only bad things to people. It is sometimes called K magic and also it is spelled as Black Magick, Dark Magick, Dark Side Magick, and Dark arts of Magick. People who believe these things and who try to practice such things describe this harmful thing as Se and they also consider some taboos which are opposed to the white magic. Some point in time, magic is done so genuinely particularly in ancient times. But nowadays some magicians started cheating on people by saying some magical words, and by bringing dead people alive and talking to dead people simply by blabbering.

According to the experts, it is proven that both black magic and white magic is completely based on positivity and negativity. People think that some energy from God helps to protect people and helps them from danger and on another side, a wicked thing which is negative energy damages people and gives more suffering. These things can give more benefits to people, places or things temporarily or else it causes people badly. But when people have strong will-power and belief in spiritual things, they would never believe in such eyewashes.


The word magic exists from ancient times. From the books and Vedas, we come across this word magic. In the ancient period, Brahmins are the one who studies these Vedas and skilled from them and learns the supernatural powers. This word is immemorial. Egyptian Literature is the one that has introduced these supernatural things apart from several religions. But as per the record, it is a Zoroastrian astrologer who introduced supernatural things whether it is a good thing or the bad thing, which means whether it is beneficial or dangerous. As I said above, it is all about the mentality of the people which makes them to believe or to neglect.