Finer Balances for the best Choices in T Shirt Printing

The center of the logo is placed on average 10 cm to the left opposite the center of the garment. But here too you are going to deviate slightly again with very small or very large sizes. The height of the chest logo depends on the model. For ladies, it is best to ensure that the logo is high enough so that it is not straight on the chest. The use of Textildruck Berlin is essential now.

Textildruck Berlin

The Right Deals

Laser adjustment + putting each shirt nicely straight on the press + pre-pressing for a few seconds, it seems to me that it doesn’t outweigh any fold over each shirt lengthwise & pre-pressing in one movement and then 100% sure that you can press your transfer straight with the technique with the fold. Even if you aim the shirts quickly and from afar; even then you can perfectly see how the design should be placed perpendicular to the shirt. And the latter also seems to me to be an added value

Clothing is a major expense in many families. In the country we simply have a temperate climate with changing seasons, and certain clothing is needed to ensure that you are not too cold or warm. Moreover, it seems as if you are sometimes the only one in the family who cares about a fashionable and well-groomed appearance! In another article about designer clothing, we have already given tips on how everyone in your family can look stylish for less money. However, if you do not really need designer clothes but you would like to look hip, you can also print your own clothes.

Trendy clothing does not have to cost a lot

By printing on clothing you make your outfit really unique, and you can really give it a personal touch. See a T-shirt hanging in a store with a nice print, but not in the color that you like? Designing a T-shirt at The company gives you the opportunity to personalize clothing to your liking. This could be your favorite shirt. The time that you were rather limited in what could be printed is long gone. In addition to a nice text such as printing, you can also opt for an image such as a photo or graphic print (windows are totally hip this winter, in trendy colors such as gray, blue, purple and green). Also nice is of course that you can order these clothes for a fraction of the prices you pay in stores.

Clothing for the whole family, and for every season

Do not be afraid that you will soon have a hip print on your clothing, but that unfortunately it is a shapeless bag (although oversized is completely in again). Nowadays it is fortunately possible to print various types of clothing with beautiful fits for both men and women. In addition to cheap T-shirts, you can also provide tank tops, polos or a nice warm sweater or hoodie with a nice print. And especially for (growing up) children it can be a solution to print clothing yourself.


Due to a growth spurt, they sometimes no longer fit clothing after a few months, and it is rare that clothing lasts more than a season. If you let your children help design the clothes, you also run the risk that they don’t like it and don’t want to wear it!