Essential Understanding Regarding the Photobooth

You’re waiting for the rest, are not you? “My beautiful mirror tell me who is the most beautiful? No more fairy tales, we are in reality, I would even say augmented reality. A mirror that changes your appearance captures moments of your life to publish on social networks, who speaks to you, who advises you. The interactive digital mirror meets all your expectations. With the toronto mirror photo booth the options come perfectly. Here is the chance for you to look pretty and have the perfect photos out for your taste.

Concept and Functionalities

In a few words, the interactive digital mirror is a mirror that interacts with its user either by the tactile nature of the mirror or by the recognition of movements and sounds. The interactive mirror has several possible uses:

Take pictures like a photo booth

On the same principle as for the photo booth, the interactive mirror takes a picture of you instantly and prints the picture you can keep as a souvenir.

Original animation before taking the picture

In order to create original photos, the interactive mirror speaks to you through interactive bubbles and challenges you to mimic an animal, raise your hands in the air, take the break of a star, and shout the loudest possible detection at from a visual and sound recognition that triggers the photo when the instructions are made. You can sign your photo or draw on the touch screen.

Test a product

Indeed, in the marketing field, this mirror can be used to help with the sale. The customer virtually tries the garment detected by the computer embedded in the mirror, which searches for the item in the store’s database, without the need to undress or having to return to the store to change the size, colour etc. This is a considerable time saver. It can also be an advertising mirror to promote a product.

toronto mirror photo booth

Send and share the photo on social networks

The customer can take a photo live with his fitting and ask for an opinion to his friends by sharing his photo. Aesthetically it’s prettier and better than when you use your mobile phone to take a picture of yourself in the mirror.

Test Your Guests

As you can read, the interactive mirror has all the technological and original features to make your event an exceptional event by the originality of this photo animation. The interactive digital mirror can be used to promote one of your products by personalising the mirror during one of your events. Customers could test a product on them and see the effects live. Or, at a corporate party, this animation is ideal for entertaining your guests and leaving them a little memory. It’s also an opportunity to take them to the heart of connected reality and digital. By simply passing in front of the interactive digital mirror, the latter comes to life and challenges your guests. This is a fun concept that leaves good memories to share live on social networks.