Emailing without any kind of Complication

The reader must feel addressed and moreover appreciated. Ideally, a newsletter is more than just an advertising brochure. Of course, it offers direct opportunities for cross and upselling, but also the provision of service and relevant information must be part of the content. By analyzing clicks and conversions it can be determined which parts are considered interesting. It can also be determined whether these data differ between the various groups of recipients, which can be differentiated on the basis of, for example, gender and age, but also on the basis of indicated preferences. Therefore, have the recipients indicate at registration what they would like to receive information or where their interests lie. Based on this, the content can be made relevant to the recipient.For more click here .

  • So you want the e-mail to be opened, then to receive clicks and finally to deliver conversions. It is also desirable that the mail is forwarded. The reader must be motivated for each of these steps. By constantly thinking like the customer and continuing to test, an interesting revenue growth can be achieved with email marketing.
  • About 40 percent of companies send mailings without obtained opt-in or opt-out option or do not even know what those terms entail. And more than half of the companies don’t know what spam is. There is also little insight into the success of the e-mail marketing campaign. And the majority of companies don’t know if the response to their mailings is higher than in the competition.

Eight out of ten companies that use e-mail marketing send newsletters. People make much less use of e-folders, e-mail invoices or viral marketing. The vast majority of companies perform email marketing them. They hardly outsource to specialized companies. The main purpose of the e-mailings: providing information. The generation of sales or the acquisition of new customers is less common.

Future expectations

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Most companies think that the importance of email marketing will increase, especially in the form of email. About four in ten expect even no paper mailings at all in five years. However, the success of email marketing is also a threat. At the moment, 42 percent believe that the current number of e-mailings can threaten a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

Different mail clients

A large number of mail programs and apps are currently being used. This is because, in addition to our desktop and webmail clients, we also use our mobile phone for reading e-mail. There is not only a difference in the different brands but also in the versions of, for example, Microsoft Outlook. This means that an e-mail can look completely different. As a professional, you want good reproduction everywhere. That is why professionals use Litmus. This is a comprehensive test tool. The target is to Optimize e-mails for all your clients.

Responsive mail

Responsive mailing is essential to improve the readability of the mailing on a smartphone. Today this is no longer a trend but a must-have.


The right message to the right person at the right time is worth gold. In e-mail marketing, automation is the challenge and the trend for 2018. If you want to apply automation to e-mail marketing, it is advisable to first work out the customer journey well. By working out this customer journey in detail, you come across moments when there is a high chance that a customer needs help or you can send a customer a certain attention.