Data Recovery Process – An Introduction

Have you lost your data? Do you need data recovery? In this technological and developed world, there are many techniques for data recovery. First of all, what is data recovery? It is the process or the procedure of bringing out the data corrupted or formatted. There are many reasons for data loss. Many of these data recoveries will be involving the system failure that is the OS failure, or if the storage device is not functioning failure that is logical in the storage devices or deletion accidentally. our ultimate goal is a data recovery that is we are going to recover the data from this kind of data loss.

When we are going to salvagedata or retrieve the data, there are some unique processes which are involved in the recovery. In some of the cases, the hard disk data will be the one which is unreadable due to partition table damage or the file system damage or because of the errors of the media.

Retrieve the data

In this kind of cases, a part of the original data will be able to be retrieved or recovered where using the data recovery software. Sometimes this date also can be recovered with simple techniques, methods, methodologies, and tools.Direct drive search is best when it is used as the drive has been formatted, a drive has been windows that have been installed again.


Data carving is also one of the recoveries of the parts of the files which are damaged the utilization of the knowledge of the structure. There is no need for physical access to the damaged hard hardware for the recovery experts. There are software techniques which can recover the lost data, and this will be performed the recovery using the access software over the local area network all the internet to the location Which is physical of the media which is damaged.

There are four phases for the recovery of the data such as Phase 1, Phase 2, phase 3 and Phase 4. In Phase 1, the hard disc drive is repaired, and in Phase 2, the drive is an image to a new drive for the image file of the disk. In phase 3, there is a partition and logical recovery of the files and structures of the file system. In the is phase 4 the damaged files which are retrieved are repaired.


There are failures which are of wide variety which will be causing the physical damage for the media which is storage, which may be resulting from the natural disasters are human errors. The damage which is physical to the hard drive permanent loss of the data and techniques which are employed by the data recovery companies which are those professional can typically if not all the data will be lost when there is the occurrence of the failure. So, no need to get worried about the data which is lost as there are several websites which are offering many of the data recovery methods for very low budget, they are reliable and reasonable also.