Breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way!

Our mind ne’er sleeps. It’s perpetually crunching the innumerous things we tend to expertise. each once during a whereas, a notable thought sparks into existence. perhaps it’s a sentence, an insight, a lyric, or perhaps a picture conjured by our inventive mind. therefore we tend to use our notebook to capture our creativity thoughts before it’s gone. It’s typically the primary – and sadly the last – step within the inventive method.

Notebooks will become graveyards for our concepts. we’ve of these random inventive thoughts that we tend to don’t recognize what to try and do with, which of them area unit price performing on, or the way to act on them. Meanwhile, life moves on.

It’s simple to use The bullet journaling technique to feature easy layers of structure and ritual to your notebook to stop that from happening. Let’s take a glance at a couple of techniques we will use (individually or as a whole) to support our power.

Creative common topics are the best start

If you have got spontaneous thoughts that area unit unrelated to any assortment, produce a General Topic in your Index. Let’s see the example “Sketches.” In your Index, produce an associate entry known as “Sketches.” currently once inspiration strikes, merely flip to your next blank page, and draw.

bullet journaling

You don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning giving this page a subject or attempting to outline it. once you’re capturing a random thought, it should be not possible to outline, and attempting to try and do, therefore, will get within the method of your flow.

Once you’re done, merely add the paging of that sketch back to your general “Sketches” Topic in your Index. you’ll additionally do that retroactively for any existing sketches. currently, you have got an easy thanks to quickly catalog and find all of your sketches in your Bullet Journal.

Let ur content travel anywhere but reach its destination

Thoughts area unit seeds. Not all seeds can take, however, some can. the sole thanks to deciding, is to water them with our attention. even as watching a seed won’t build it grow, forcing yourself to suppose one thing till it clicks doesn’t tend to figure. Rather, we’d like the way to frequently bring our attention back to our thoughts and rethink them.

Migration is the method wherever we tend to get back our content. It’s typically accustomed merely transcribe Tasks that also add worth to our lives. Migration can even be used because of the ritual to frequently water our thoughts. once we’re reviewing our pages throughout Migration, we’re given the chance to get back recent thoughts.

Gather and let out the creativity

As you’ll see, Collections don’t solely store connected info, they’ll additionally assist you to concentrate your thinking. every assortment offers an area dedicated to capturing, exploring, and purification your thoughts into concepts. It’s a garden for your concept that is cultivated over time.

currently, all you have got to try and do is frame that assortment with a subject and paging, and add it to your Index. currently, you’ll simply come to its plan, step into the flow, and keep developing that concept till you’re able to fancy the ensuing step: the work.

Let the outline attract

Over time, your Index, that homes of these Collections, can remodel a notebook from a cemetery of concepts, into an upscale library of concepts. With every Bullet Journal, your library of concepts grows. It is an awfully helpful and sensible resource as a result of some concepts will have a protracted shelf-life