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After the service system is defined and fixed as the rules for performing operations, it is necessary to determine the control and adjustment functions of the entire process. Control elements are launched through the restaurant manager, senior waiter, mentor (if it is a trainee). The control system should be thought out and also determined by the rules. Data on the results of control must be accumulated for each employee separately, and for the restaurant as a whole. The control points of such a system are best built into the connecting elements of the service processes (for example, meeting a guest, taking out dishes, calculating, cleaning toilets, etc.). Make a visit to there.

To collect information, the restaurant director must teach managers to notice errors and deviations from the parameters of the service system. We need to start by explaining to employees what the ideal process and ideal behavior are.

Service Adjustment

This task is usually performed by the shift manager. He constantly monitors the work of employees and immediately gives them feedback about errors, asks to adjust their behavior. A shift manager is a person constantly looking around, moving around the room and whispering something to employees. You should not wait until the shift meeting and talk about errors during it. This works as an additional element of influence on employees, but work in hot pursuit is what gives effective quick results and helps to develop the skill you need, rather than fixing erroneous behavior.

But you should not forget about meetings, either. they will learn from the mistakes of their colleagues the rest of the staff. In addition, meetings raise the importance of the task of constantly improving the level of restaurant service in the eyes of employees. Therefore, adjusting the service at the shift meeting, when everyone is listening together, and the manager talks about errors, is also an important element of the service adjustment process. It is worth remembering that it is important not only to indicate errors but also to talk about how to do the right thing. It is recommended to play scenes in which to show both erroneous behavior and the right one you need.

The best Collection

The collection and systematization of errors in the service allow you to track the dynamics of their changes. It will immediately become clear to you whether you are getting better or not. You can note which blocks in the service are sagging, and actively engage in the management of them.

Only such work makes the service in the restaurant systematic and turns it into the philosophy and meaning of life. With this approach to the restaurant, financial success is the result of harmony in work and in relation to its customers.

Acquaintance with the institution

The waiter talks a little about the restaurant, kitchen, specialties, as well as where the emergency exit and toilets are located.

First Service

Within five minutes, the waiter serves the guest an aperitif.

Acceptance of the main order

  • recommends guest snacks, soups, main dishes;
  • Specifies the time and order of serving dishes;
  • offer additional dishes, side dishes, sauces, bread;
  • repeats the order and thanks to the guest;
  • Serves the table with the necessary appliances;
  • serves dishes to the guest;
  • wishes for a good meal.

Food quality control

The waiter learns the guest’s opinion about the dish within a few minutes from the moment of serving.