A good piece of advice for anyone considering buying a house is: Take it easy

The worst thing to do is to be overpowered by the dream house or by the many good arguments of the real estate agents. If you do not take good care, the dream of the lovely house or the fantastic apartment can easily turn into a nightmare. Keep in mind that real estate agents live by homeowners. The more houses or apartments that are sold, the better it is. Therefore, there is also no real estate agent who would say that it makes sense to wait to buy. It is always time to act. Choosing the best Placerville realtor is essential here.

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This is the exact opposite for buyers: It is about avoiding panic and finding the right home for the lowest possible price. For this purpose, it is a good idea to compare the housing price per square meter. The monthly gross and net benefits do not say much. They only tell you what loans are in the house or whether the payout is large or small.

It is very tempting to focus on the service because you can easily get an overview of what you can afford. But this is no good way to compare prices. A far more accurate result is obtained if you look at the cash price instead. The law requires that the cash price must always appear in both sales pitches and advertisements.

The area determines the price

Where the real cash price lies in a particular area, a good impression can be obtained from the Mortgage Credit Council and the Mortgage Association’s websites.

Here you can see, for example, that at the end of the year a typical house was traded at 27,862 per square meter. On the other hand, the price was down to 21,241. Thus a villa of 150 square meters costs on average 3.19 million, while in millennium cities it is up to a total of 4.18 million.

If you find houses that exceed this price, there must be very good reasons for this. It may be that the stand is over medium with new kitchen and bath, or that the view and grounds are very special. If this is not the case, one must take extra care, because then the price is probably inflated too much.

If it is condominiums in question, it is also important to be aware that large differences in joint expenses can affect the cash price in the up or down direction. Joint expenses are, in general, something that must be kept very close to, because they can easily fluctuate by several thousand dollars a month from apartment to apartment, depending on how good an owner’s economy is. Some places, for example, water and heat are also part of the common expenses, while this is not the case elsewhere.

But otherwise, the same method of comparing prices can be used across the country, and also in the trading of cottages and apartments.

Everywhere, in addition, very special things, which may have been expensive to make, go down more than price. Rare expensive tiles in the kitchen, a distinctive fireplace, a very different bathroom, strange colors on the walls, sophisticated additions and the like may be a good taste for some, but not for everyone.